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Al Qamar rent a car got cars and amazing service with good prices, one of the best and easiest car rental agencies in dubai, the staff is also very helpful and friendly. I truly recommend Al Qamar Rent A Car, and thank you again for the great service.

Richard Bernal


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Christie Mendez


I had a great experience with Al Qamar as they got the extensive selection, competitive prices, and convenient locations across the country. All their vehicles were thoroughly cleaned and inspected before each rental. As it gives me a total peace of mind while renting a car through Al Qamar .

Dana Cotton


Why rent a car in Dubai?

Whether you’re here for a holiday or residing in the UAE, rental cars offer the much-needed flexibility and convenience. The world-class infrastructure Dubai has to offer can be experienced the right way only with a car. You can rent a car based on your budget, preference, requirement even have it delivered to your location across Dubai.

What is the minimum eligible age to rent a car in Dubai?

The legal age limit is 21 years and above to rent a car across the UAE. However, it’s completely dependent on the car rental company you’re hiring from. Some car rental companies require the customer to be 23 years of age or above while some even allow 20 year old to hire a car.

What are the benefits of renting a car on monthly-basis?

Much cheaper and faster than using public transport Cost efficient as you don’t pay the rising insurance and registration costs As good as your own car without the hassle of maintaining it Monthly rates are heavily discounted as compared to day-basis rentals Choice of multiple suppliers offering competitive rates and package deals Option to upgrade or downgrade every month

Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

A refundable security deposit is required by the car rental agency, mainly, incase of RTA fines, damage to the car (if not covered by insurance) and car theft. The amount is held for upto 25 days as RTA / Police fine reports are sometimes delayed.

How can I rent a car without deposit in Dubai?

Security deposit is essential in the UAE, mainly for RTA traffic fines. If you do not want to put down a security deposit, opt for a preauthorization block by your credit card. This way the amount is simply blocked instead of a transaction. The blocked amount is automatically released 21-30 days after you return the rental car..

Can I rent a car with a new driving license in Dubai?

If you have a new driving license that's less than six months old, please check with the car rental agent as the requirement varies based on the insurance policy of the respective car. Some are available for new driving license holders at a higher security deposit amount, with limited insurance coverage and liable for higher excess fee while others are only available with older licenses.